About Us

Sister Sanctuary originated in Cayo, Belize in Central America. We witnessed the economic and social disparities and wanted to help rebuild a much stronger and empowered community.

We are a program affiliated with an NGO named Wajenzi. Wajenzi (meaning "The Builders" in Swahili) is an organization that aims to build up communities with a focus on holistic health. Since we shared the same goals, we decided to join forces to make a joint impact.

We are rebuilding one community at a time with the power of sisterhood. We provide counseling services, education, community and resources to women in underserved communities. To learn more, visit our What We Do page. We plan to expand our reach internationally as we continue to positively impact our communities.

Multi Ethnic Girls

Our Mission

To bring women together in a safe space while providing tools, resources and community to ensure each sister reaches their full potential.

Our Vision

To build a world where every woman has a safe space.


Our Partners

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My Brother's Keeper

My Brother's Keeper aims to empower, unite and heal boys and men so that they can become stronger, independent and resilient. We provide essential products, knowledge sessions, and a safe space to create community and share our stories, work through depression and other emotional or mental issues.


Wajenzi Community Business Services

Wajenzi Community Business Services provides help in a variety of ways to help grow existing small businesses or help others start a new small business.

Some services include:

  1. Business Start-up Consultation

  2. Business Guidance

  3. Business documentation help.

  4. Financial Start up help (we can help buy start up supplies sometimes.  It depends on the donations)


Jen's Health Hut

This program provides a variety of free fitness classes to the community. Jen's Health Hut provides healthy eating counseling and better ways to cook. We help the community work on a mindset change by learning what the food that we eat does to our bodies. This helps people make better choices about what they eat, since they now understand the impact.

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Cayo Soup Kitchen

Cayo Soup Kitchen is another one of our programs. This one is designed to not only provide food for those that do not have or do not have enough, but also introduce healthier options to help slowly change the common Belizean diet that includes an enormous amount of starch.  We add vegetables and fruit to each meal, something that is not common in this community.  Diabetes is a common disease in this society, and we aim to help one family at a time learn how to eat to live healthy.

Taking Notes

Wajenzi IT Training Series

We are working to provide more real world skills to the community in order to give the community the opportunity to compete in the world market for IT related remote jobs. 

Training provided:

  1. Technical Writing

  2. Data Analysis

  3. Business Analysis

  4. Programming in R

  5. Programming in Python

  6. SQL

  7. Vulnerability Management

  8. Machine Learning